About Annalivia

I’m Annalivia Ford, long time anti-spam expert. I’ve been in the profession of blocking the bad guys and helping to translate ISP requirements into language that senders can understand for nearly a decade now, though I got into fighting spam as an amateur 15 years ago. I now work for IBM, wrangling outbound email and doing my best to keep things sane.

About this blog: I started it when I worked for AOL, and since my departure from there I have been remiss about regular updates (part of the issue stems from my agreement with my current employer). I will continue to post here now and then and meanwhile I hope the archives continue to be useful and entertaining.

I do not in any way intend to speak for my employer, past or present. The content of this blog is either opinions that are strictly mine, general observations, or information that is already in the public domain.

In the banner is my dog Daisy. She’s a tireless hunter. If you know me, you’ll have heard about her! She keeps me company during work, and fondly imagines herself to be Very Helpful.