Postmaster Team update

Most of the US Postmaster team just got laid off, including Christine. I am still employed, but of the non-programmers, I’m all that’s left in the US. *

This is a totally devastating blow to everyone. If people reading this have job leads for any of my folks…ex-folks…please drop me a line, or post in the comments and I’ll pass it on.

Jobs needed: Sysadmin, spam fighting/abuse, postmaster-y stuff, deliverability, programming, mail gateways/MTA, and of course management. We lost a lot of people outside the immediate Postmaster team also: anti-spam programming, mail/MTA, database, etc.

These people are the best of the best…
…and I am going to miss them more than I can even begin to express. Eight years is a long time.


*yes, Madkins is safe.


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