Domains By Proxy – NOT AWESOME

The more I consider the common uses of this obfuscation service, the more it confounds me. I cannot see any reason for a legal business entity to use it. If Joe User sets up a domain, keeps a personal webpage on it and wants to keep his registration information private, more power to him. I’d certainly use it in that situation since I don’t particularly enjoy stalkers. But, a business? Really? Why?

Here’s a perfect example of the lack of awesome: non-technical family member A is attempting to exchange email with definitely-not-technical family member B who is in something of a sticky situation. The server that relays these crucial emails is timing out connections, inbound and outbound. I wanted to help, so I figured I’d look up the technical contact for the domain and give them a nudge. I tried it.

Yep, Dear Reader, you guessed it. Their contact information is hidden. The domain’s website provides no avenue for support either, although it is a government site. So this family – and how many more? – remains fractured, frustrated and angry, their email continues to be deferred, and no-one can do anything about it because the admins who could fix it remain in blissful ignorance of the problem.


Tell me again why a non-criminal business needs to hide who they are and how to reach them?

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